Sunday, February 11, 2007

Week 36
Home Construction
Morelia, Michoacan

We are finally moving in tomorrow, Feb. 12. This is our last night in the apartment and we are very excited to be sleeping in the new house tomorrow. The house isn't finished, but the bedroom will be ready (we hope). We may have to eat out for a few days while the kitchen counter tops and appliances are put in. We may also have a few inconviences while the carpenters are finishing up, but we are ready, more than ready to move. We will have to find a new routine, because for the past 8 months our life has centered on the house. Now we should have some time for doing things we enjoy. Anyway, here are the latest photos.

You can see that the tile is on the roof over the garage and the wall with the future fountain has been painted. We drove to the town of Patzcuaro Friday afternoon and purchased 3 vases that will sit inside the arch. Water will fall out of the center vase making the fountain complete. These vases will really change the look of the front of the house and were one of the things we really liked in the house design.

The two photos above show some of the wood work in the kitchen. The corian counter tops and appliances still need to be installed, so it looks like we will be eating out for a while.
The photo above shows the living room and the entry. Covered in a white tarp is our piano that we brought from California. Hardwood flooring has been laid down. Monday the workers will finish up staining and polishing the floors. We spent Sunday moving our belonging to the house. Everything is stored in the service room for now, since the painter has to finish painting our bedroom, bathroom and closet, then we can move things in.
The photo above is another shot of the master bath. The hardware in the shower is in place. The white poles in the picture are the support for the glass shower enclosure. The gray concrete to the left of the picture will be the mirror.
This photo is some samples of different textures and colors we are looking at for different areas of the house. We chose the dark red on the upper left for one wall of the master bedroom. Since we are moving Monday, I will be out of internet reach until we can get service installed. I will continue the blog as soon as I have internet again. Bye and adios for now.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Home Construction/ Week 35
Tres Marias Residential Golf
Morelia, Michoacan
January 29- Feb. 4, 2007

The very dramatic front entry to the house.
We decided in the early stages of planning that we wanted a dramatic entry to match the even more dramatic views from our lot. We especially like the idea of having four front doors that opened into a wide entry way. The views from the front door are spectular. In the photos above one door has not had the crystal installed yet.
The two photos above show some of the cabinet work in the kitchen. The photo below shows the marble counter top in the master bathroom.
The photo below shows some of the wood work in the master bedroom closet.
The three photos below show exterior views of the house. You are able to see the colors we decided to paint the exterior. There are 2 contrasting colors along with the marble column. In the last photo, the front of the house, to the left of the marble column, has not been painted yet. In the second photo, notice that the glass enclosing the bathroom garden has been completed. Next week the gas and water hook-ups will be completed and tested. The carpenter should be completed and the house will be ready to live in. The upper level will be 90% completed and the lower level will be completed little by little after we move in. We bought a refrigerator and a mattress Friday so we are anxiously ready for the move. Fortunately, we have very litttle to move, mostly the clothes on our backs.

Home Construction
Week 34 Update
January 22-28, 2007

Just a quick update on the progress last week. These are photos I wasn't able to include before. We are down to 6 workers, not including the carpenters, the plumbers and the electrician. During most of the construction there were 25 workers, so things are definitely coming to a close. The first photo is the house painter and his technique on painting the tall walls. He starts at the top, on the roof, and then goes to the ground to finish the bottom. The painter has an assistant who moves the ladder or carries the paint bucket. The exterior of the house will be two tones. The majority is a light cream color, contrasting highlights are a capaccino brown and the gold marble column. Next posting will show the finished exterior colors.
This photo shows the workers cleaning up the grouting on the marble column. The ladder is resting on the roof of the garage. This will be covered with tile. There will also be a tile roof in the back of the house providing protection to one of the terraces, as well as to a tile roof on the gazebo.
This photo shows the workers laying down the red porphory stone (pigeon blood) on the sidewalk. The strips of concrete (drive way) will also be covered with this stone, as well as the garage floor and the walkway to the front door.
The final picture shows the carpenters hanging the front doors. The two doors to the left will open, while the other two doors are to provide attractiveness. When Sandra and I were working with architect Arturo to design the house we specially wanted a dramatic entry to the house. These doors frame a picture perfect view out the back of the house. The view is the golf course and the canyons and mountains in the distance. Still looking to move into the house on Feb. 12th.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tres Marias Residential Golf
Morelia, Michoacan
Home Construction Week 34
January 22-28, 2007
This past week was a slow week, the glass installers were supposed to be done with the windows, but they are running about two weeks behind schedule. The carpenter is waiting for the windows to be installed before he puts in the doors, cabinets and other woodwork. So most of the windows are now in and the carpenter will start his work this coming Monday. What was completed this past week, beside most of the windows, was the finish detail of the iron work on the terrace. The photo above doesn't show the color very well, but the railings are an antique bronze/gold color, matching the table and chairs we have in the gazebo. The railing for the stairs will be the same finish.
The photo above shows some of the tile work in the bathroom of the service room. The photo below shows the progress in the master bathroom. You can see to the left that the cement base for the counter and a bench in the shower have been constructed. Next week you will be able to see the marble we chose for the bench and counter.
The following three photos show the views out of the bedrooms and television room/den on the lower level of the house, now that the windows are in place. Family and visitors will have these views from their bedrooms when they come to visit us.

This final picture below shows a different angle out of the dining room windows. The dining room is pretty much glass enclosed on three sides. I think the best views in the house are from the dining room.
Stay tuned for next weeks blog. Lots of woodwork, cabinets, counter tops and doors. I'm sure the house is going to really have a different appearance with the wood. The painter is also getting real busy and should have lots of walls painted. We are moving into the house in two more weeks!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Tres Marias Residential Golf
Morelia, Michoacan
Week 33 Jan. 15-21, 2007

This photo is the view out of the dining room. The windows were put in Friday and the view is our favorite. The carpenter delivered some of the wood Saturday. This is one of the interior doors. The wood is cedar. The next couple of weeks should be very exciting as the finishing details are being completed. When we first saw Architect Arturo's finish and detail work, and use of color we knew he was the one we wanted to build our house. I consider him a real expect with his finish work and fine detail.
The photo below shows the progress on our master bathroom. Lots of tile!
The painter finished staining the Michoacan pine this week. The ceiling just needs a final coat of lacquer to give it a little shine. We have this wood ceiling in the dining room, living room, office and the garage. The stain really brought out the grain in the wood.
The two photos below show the finished marble facing that was applied to the wall. It is really striking, much more elegant that I had imagined. The exterior walls will be painted in three contrasting shades of yellow/gold and will make the marble really stand out.
The last photo shows the rear of the house. I realized I haven't taken a photo of the back for a while, so I wanted to remind you of how it looks. It's really amazing how the front of the house looks like a single level home, and then you see the back and it looks really huge. It is an illusion though, as the bottom level is about half the square footage as the top level. We are looking forward to the carpenter installing the doors this week and we hope the windows are completed, then the house will be enclosed.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tres Marias Residential Golf
Home Construction Week 32
January 8-14, 2007

Our house is beginning to look like our future home. This past week saw most of the tile flooring completed, tile going into the master bedroom, marble on the garage wall, most of the front sidewalk completed and the first glass installed in the master bedroom and entry skylight. The two photos below show the master bedroom. One wall has glass, floor tile completed, fireplace nearly complete. We just need glass in the two windows on the left and painting. On the outside of the glass is a terrace off the master bedroom.
The photo below looks up toward the skylight in the entry way. The glass is in and when the sun hits the beams we get very interesting reflections and shadows in the entry.
The photo below shows the beginning of the tile work in the master bathroom. There is still tile work to be laid above the green and white trim.

The final picture below shows some of the marble that will face on wall in the garage. This is the large unfinished concrete wall that can be better seen in the first photo in this blog. This entire wall will be covered with this marble. It is the same marble on the fireplaces. Sandra and I really like the finished look.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Home Construction Week 31
January 1-7, 2007

Happy New Years to everyone. Here in Morelia it is the dry season. Everything is brown or yellow. Much like California in the summer. The weather is nice during the day when the sun is out, in the 70's. It gets cool when the sun goes down in the evening and the coldest part of the day is around 5 or 6 in the mourning. I think its usually in the 40's, but sometimes there is a little frost in the shady areas. Sandra and I are getting really excited to move into the house. We don't even care if it's finished. As long as windows and exterior doors are in, we want to move in. We have told Architect Arturo to get out master bedroom finished as soon as possible. We are prepared to take as long as we need to finish the rest of the house.

The photo above shows the arch where there will be a water fountain. There will be three vases of different sizes that will have water cascading down their sides into a small basin at the bottom. To the right of the arch you can see three color samples. We are thinking of using shades of this color for the exterior of the house. Most of the house will be a very light shade with accents of the darker tones. The photo below shows the samples in closer detail.
The photo below shows the beginning of the marble covering on the fireplace in the living room. This same marble will be used to highlight portions of the exterior walls in the front of the house.
This photo shows the fireplace in the master bedroom. The tile has been laid in the master bedroom and the walk-in closet. Now the only room needing tile is the master bathroom and part of the entry. Our goal is to be in the house before February 12th. Cross your fingers for us.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Home Construction Week 30
December 25-Dec. 31, 2006

Another slow week with lots of time off for holidays here in Mexico. Completion of white paint primer on the exterior walls! Next week we will look at some color samples for the final coat. The front walkway and drive way are being worked on. The cement of the walk and driveway will eventually be covered with the red rock used in the gazebo.
This photo below is taken from the living room looking out toward the front of the house and the entryway. Some of the tile has been laid. Sandra and I are happy with the tile we chose for the floors. It is a nice earthy color and will be easy to clean, we think.
The photo below is taken from the living room, looking into the kitchen. The tile floor for the kitchen and dining room are complete, we just need the grout. You can see the bathroom tub sitting off in the corner.
The photo below is taken from the dining room, looking out toward the living room terrace. This tile is also complete. The concrete where Sandra is standing will not be tile, but a wooden plank flooring.
The final photo below is taken looking into the master bathroom. To the left will be the sink and counter top, to the left rear is the shower, straight ahead is the tub encloser, and to the right just out of the picture is an indoor garden area. Things are starting to move fast now. This week we selected the kitchen counter tops, the stain for the kitchen cabinets and the glass for the front doors. Architect Arturo thinks the house will be enclosed in two weeks, we hope so too! If things go smoothly, we will move into the unfinished house by February 12 before our next rent payment is due.